Business Card Coupons August 2014

Business Card Coupons August 2014


1. 123Print Coupons August 2014

Business Cards 10% OFF

Business Cards Double Sided 10% OFF

2. PSPrint Coupons August 2014

Business Cards 50% OFF

3. PrintingForLess Coupons August 2014

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4. PrintPlace Coupons August 2014

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Broaden the Marketing Power of your Business with Online Business Cards and get helpful ideas.

Your business seems to be doing nicely, but you want to widen your scope, increase the number of prospective buyers of your products or services. In which case, there are several marketing methods to hook the attention of potential customers.

Distributing attractive-looking print ads or flyers is quite effective. However, there are those who might opt for other uncomplicated methods. Most business owners prefer the utilization of business cards. Customers will find them appealing because they provide the vital contact information linked to your company or business. Moreover, they will find it simple to remember the company name.

But stop and think first because we’re talking originality here. Your business cards should be unique to you and your business. Make your cards as eye-catching as you can so that the details thereon will be retained in the customers’ memory.

Most of the time, there is no significant difference between the business cards of one organization and another, so make sure yours stand out. The info contained on the card should include the name of your business, the address, contact number, and the email address. If you have plenty of company services, it is a good idea to include some on the card.

You may have all the ideas in your head to make a layout, but do you have the ideal equipment to complete your masterpiece, or do you have the creative ability or the time to design them? Fortunately, there is plenty of top quality help at hand. You can quickly find plenty of printing services available on the web. They can help you create a finished product without you going through the hassles.

There are tips that you should follow in order to acquire the services of a reputable online printing company, and these are described below. You will need these pointers to narrow down your search because there are numerous online printing companies nowadays.

Search for an online printer combining both quality and variety. Your top quality, professionally designed card is more likely to be retained for future reference than poor quality material that is most likely earmarked for the bin. Because of this, obtaining the services of a dependable online printer should be the first step taken, so that you can acquire the best designs available. Take time to browse the Internet, discover the wide range of services available, and determine which of these best meets your needs.

Select the online printers that can meet your demands swiftly because time matters. In relation to this, one should look for an online printing service provider that can maintain your target date. To enable them to prepare your business cards on time, you need to give them the exact date for delivery.

With a business to run, you will not be wanting to be kept waiting. Select online printers that can offer sophisticated designs at lower costs. When investing in business cards, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars simply to receive the very best design possible. There are numerous online printing services available that provide outstanding quality products at low prices.

To reiterate, there are many online printers available in the modern age, but not all of them produce quality results. So it pays to be aware of this and be discerning in your choice of printer. This is where a few moments of your time researching can pay big dividends. If you research well, you will not be disappointed.

Business Card Coupons July 2014



Design awesome Business Cards and print them at very low cost! Normally business cards can be very expensive to design and print if you don’t know where to look for.

We personally seek quality of service, low cost, fast shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we’re presenting business card coupons for July 2014 from these best online printing companies.

Enjoy fine products and save BIG!

123Print Coupons for July 2014 offers exceptional services, high quality printing, premium paper, custom design, fast shipping and low pricing! Use Independence Day Offer for 20% Off sitewide PLUS Free Shipping on $100+ orders!

PSPrint Coupons for July 2014 is another awesome service to order cards for you or your company! Just visit this page and save 60% on your purchase! Use the code AFBC714 to apply your coupon. Make sure you type correctly your mail address so there’s no mistake with your order.

Printing For Less Coupons for July 2014

Get 20% Off at! Visit this link and apply the promo code NC20PB on the left side of your order. This amazing service is based in Montana and they offer premium quality printing! You will be amazed by the results, you just have to try it!

PrintPlace Coupons for July 2014 comes with good recommendations! We searched and found two deals that you will benefit from. Because of 4th of July you get Free UPS Ground Shipping by using the code STARS. You can get also 15% Off on $150+ orders by using the code 15SAVE.

If you want to know what you should include in a business card, check out our short YouTube video 🙂

If you want to find more information, coupons and discount codes please visit 123print / psprint pages.

How a Business Card Should Look Like

How a Business Card Should Look LikeIf you were just about to introduce yourself or your business to someone you just met, would you make a good first impression? What’s your business card look like? Would it make that much of an impact?

In many cases, if your card doesn’t look that much professional, you won’t have many chances to create credibility or strong business engagement!

But what does an ideal business card look like?

An effective business card should have a great design, not necessarily stuffed with too much of information, a good color combination (or just black and white), it must represent of what you do in a very few words / catchy line (slogan) and it should be printed in a high quality printer (not a home office one!).

Great places to print business cards are online print shops like, or They offer high quality printing, design services, premium paper selection and fast shipping!

If you’re interested in seeing samples, get discount coupons and maximize your savings, visit this page to find more information!

Online vs Home vs Local Printing Cost Difference

Online-Printing-Cost-DifferencesAre you looking for announcement cards to promote an upcoming event or wedding invitations to invite your guests on your special day?

Whether you want brochures, business cards and postcards printed to create buzz about your products and services, getting prints of any kind in bulk in a limited budget can be quite difficult and costly.

In such a situation, we advise you to carefully estimate the cost from different sources like local print-shops, home printing and online printing services, typically because of the cost difference.

You may think using a home printer would be a great option for wedding cards or announcement flyers in bulk sparing you from paying a local print-shop for the service but what you don’t you know is that it may cost you twice as more than letting a professional handle it!

Printing a couple of flyers at home is a good idea but printing a stack of 500 flyers, isn’t the same. You will be paying for the paper, colored ink cartridges and also investing a great deal of time in the whole process.

So, which is the most cost effective print source for your personal or business needs? Can you understand the cost difference between a local shop, an online printing service or home printing?

Generally speaking, in terms of both time and money an online professional printing company is your best bet. With a reliable web printing company, you can enjoy top quality and professional bulk order printing services at very low prices. Unlike traditional local print-shops, online printing services offer a variety of packages & deals at slashing prices and discount rates.

Some online companies also offer coupons (check this page out) allowing clients to take advantage of their services at affordable rates. The convenience of order placement is another plus point and at the end you save both time and money.

For a better understanding let’s take a look at the cost difference when all options are compared:


Business Cards- 2 Sided, Colored & Matte Finishing

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $22 $40 $35
1000 $30 $150 $57
10,000 $150 $540 $360


Brochures- 2 Sided & Colored

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $76 $75 $65
1000 $182 $650 $500
10,000 $620 $2700 $1400


Post Cards- 2 Sided and Colored

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $40 $65 $55
1000 $125 $290 $195
10,000 $380 $1120 $530

From the tables given above, you can easily see the cost difference and estimate how much you are likely to save with an online printing service instead of getting materials printed from a local shop or at home.

Save Big with the HP Instant Ink Replacement Service

hp instant ink serviceMost of us know that printing is a little bit expensive, especially when it comes to print high quality images, color documents or presentations, cards, envelops and other important business documents.

Hewlett Packard invented a new way of printing and it’s called HP Instant Ink Replacement Service!

You can save up to 50% on Hewlett Packard Ink by just following five simple steps! Here’s how:

Step 1

Shop an eligible Hewlett Packard printer for the Instant Ink Service depending on your printing needs.

Step 2

Choose between three different plans (monthly or yearly) depending on how many pages you think you’ll print.

Step 3

Get your brand new Original Ink Cartridges by mail (Larger quantity cartridges than standard H P cartridges).

Step 4

Pay after the first ink installation.

Step 5

The service will be notified by your printer automatically and new cartridges will be sent to you right away!

What Printers are Available?

Hewlett Packard is famous for its high quality printers! Here are some we’d recommend:

– HP Envy 4500 (for students, home standard use)

– HP Envy 5530 (for home office)

– HP OfficeJet 4630 (for small businesses)

Where Can I Buy an Eligible HP Printer or HP Instant Ink Plan?

You can order any Hewlett Packard printer or Instant Ink Cartridge online, or from BestBuy and OfficeMax.

What is the Cost?

– For 50 pages / month the service cost $2.99

or  600 pages / year costs only $36 (Plain Hewlet Packard cartridges would cost $120 per year, that’s $84 OFF)

– Moderate Printing Plan, Save up to $180 / year

– Frequent Printing Plan, Save up to $600 / year

What else should I know?

– There are no annual fees

– Cancel or change your plan anytime

– You can recycle the old cartridges

– The cost is the same if you print images, color or black and white text and images.

– The billing cycle is 30 days

– Your printer will need an Internet Connection

– A credit card will be needed for the payments

For more information or new orders visit the official website. It’s great when you can save big!