Staples Copy and Print Coupon, Review

Stationary such as printing and copying machines are vital in the proper running of business offices, learning institutions and even homes where hard copy files and documents are required.

Staples Copy and Print is a reliable online printing service in the market making printing as easy as it can be. They have a lot of offers and promotions for their products and you can find many promotional and coupon codes in our website.

Latest Coupon Codes

What Can You Print

Their products range from copying documents, presentations, booklets, business forms and other prints to printing business cards, brochures, invitations, banners, posters, stationary, envelopes and many other promotional products.

business card

Basically anything you require in your office, they can make. Almost all of their products are available online. The good thing about buying their products online is the fact that you get to enjoy promotions and offers. One such offer is the 20% Off coupon offer on promotional products.

This allows you to purchase their products at special discounts. To use the coupon, click the code that is available on our website. This applies to the Staples Copy and Print promo codes as well which give one access to different limited offers.

About the Company and Their Services

Staples Copy and Print is an online department of Staples, a well known company all over the United States. It offers extra copy and print services for online users. These services are time saver for those who do not wish to visit the local store.

They have delivery offers for people who make their purchases online. Their mission is to provide quality services and products for individuals and institutions everywhere at friendly prices.

Their printing services also include 3D printing which makes images and writing seem to come to life. This can be done on clothes, shoes, paper, canvas and office stationary.

Copies and Documents

Some of the most popular products are their document printing and copying services. They are well equipped to handle documents of any shape and size producing highest quality work.

documents and copies samples

Their services range from single page documents to copying and printing of books and manuals. Other work involving documents includes lamination and binding. All these services have redeemable Staple Copy and Print discounts for great savings.

Signs, Posters and Banners

If you are campaigning for a public office seat or you are hosting a big party, then you should consider enlisting signs, posters and banners services.

signs banners posters

The company has printers that create very high quality posters and banners ensuring that every detail is brought out perfectly. They also have printers for signs that can be printed on different materials like paper, metal, wood and plastic.

Stationary and Envelopes

This awesome online printing brand has a large variety of office stationary under their belt. These include staplers, pens, notebooks, printing papers, sticky notes and paper files just to name a few. A great thing about their products is that most of them are customizable.

stationary envelopes

Examples of customizable products include stamps, product labels and envelopes. The most common way of customizing is by having the company or business’ logo or letterhead imprinted on the stationary.

Personalized Gifts

Personalizing gifts is another exciting product. You can choose one of their basic gifts including bags, totes, mugs, pillows, t-shirts, jewelry and water bottles.

personalized gifts

Personalizing is done by printing a unique message or image or piece of art on the basic gift. They also allow you to bring a gift from elsewhere to be customized.

One of the most unique of these personalized gifts is the canvas print product. This is created by printing a picture of your choosing on a canvas stretched over a wooden frame. A message can be included on the canvas.


Calendar designing and printing services are available at great pricing levels. Their calendar designs include poster calendars, prism desk calendars and fridge magnet calendars.


They also offer services for mass printing for companies that require a large number of calendars for their own advertisement and promotional purposes. Their calendars are high quality print and are customizable.

Invitations and Announcements

This is a service popular among party planners. The team at Staples produce high quality work making your invitation cards and print announcements effective.


Coupons are available online for these products to be purchased at discounted prices. The Staples Copy and Print coupon codes are available on their website for both online and offline shoppers.

Deals, Offers and Sales

Are you one of those people who are not easily swayed in the absence of a good deal or offer? Then Staples Copy and Print are the brand for you. They are out to please their customers in every way with several tantalizing offers and promotions aimed at attracting and maintaining customers. Below are five of their most popular offers and deals.

  • Same Day Products – This is a great deal offered to customers who purchase their products online. It promises them a delivery of products bought from the website on the same day of purchase. This is made possible by the wide network of retail shops and warehouses belonging to Staples allowing close service to more people.
  • Promotional Offers – The company has different promotions to attract and keep customers and promote new and old products alike. Promos are seasonal and come in different forms. All promotions can be used in the online shop for most products.
  • Free shipping and delivery – This offer is usually extended to customers who make their purchases online. The offer is extended to most large products like furniture and printers and there are no take backs allowed. You are given an expected date and time of arrival of your product, in the event that the delivery is not made on time, the customer can contact the customer care center for more information.
  • Warranty and Guarantees – Warranty depends on the nature of the product bought. They range from six months to two years. There is a guarantee of quality in their products and should there be a serious problem with your product that is not your fault, then they offer replacement and money-back deals.

Staples Copy and Print also have numerous seasonal deals present over major holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Independence day holidays. Over these seasons they offer many discount sales, promotional offers and unique product designs.

Their coupons and promo cards are also redeemable during season as long as you have your Staples Copy and Print coupon code and promo codes respectively.

Are Staples Copy and Print products worth it?

In my opinion, Staples Copy and Print products are a worthy investment. They offer variety, quality and new unique ideas. They are also keen on customer welfare treat their clients very well. My personal favorite service is the personalized gifts service. I think it is a great idea- it definitely takes away the stress of finding gifts for those friends of mine who seem to already have everything I think of buying them. In a nutshell, Stapes Copy and Print are worth every dime. Review


We were planning and organizing a new business for months. My brother and I had to write down everything in detail in order to amaze new customers and create a brand name that would be unique and lovable from day one!

A friend of mine told me he could help me design and promote our brand with high quality brochures, business cards, flyers, etc. He told me was a fine and cheap online printing service that could handle the printing process.

After working a few days with him designing the templates, we ordered the brochures and the business cards from PrintPlace. The results were pretty amazing!

In this Printplace review we present how the Brochures and Business Cards look, what the service offers, comparison with other related products /services, pricing and official coupon codes.


 print place brochure samples  printplace brochure sample
 printplace brochure samples  printplace brochures samples

 Business Cards

 printplace business card samples  print place business cards
 printplace business cards  printplace business card sample

Why and not Someone else?

I am sure, when you do business with someone for a long period of time, you don’t want to lose this great collaboration and I believe that “whatever works, don’t fix it”! Meaning? is a unique printing service with great customer service. When you seek knowledge and understanding on how things work in a printing company you may have a lot of questions. Their customer service is pretty amazing and they can explain every question you have in detail PLUS you save money with a Print Place Coupon!

What you get:

  1. Outstanding quality
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Free Printing knowledge
  4. Create a FREE Account

How is it Printed?

We found a few videos for you to see how this great online company works. You can also check their blog for news, ideas, new printing and graphic design inspiration.

Brochure Printing in Action

Booklet Printing in Action

Business Card Printing in Action

Many people need facts to engage and connect with a product or service. They need to know what they’re buying is exactly what they’re looking for. is a legitimate service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

More Options

If you need to know what else is out there in the marketplace, what’s cheaper or more expensive here’s what we found out on April 2015:

All prices are discounted and they can change without notice at anytime. All product prices may differ because of the printing options available from each printing service.

 Business Cards (500) Flyers (500)  Postcards (500)  $17.50  $122.47  $71.31  $24.65  $100.00  $72.76  $41.08  $141.12  $79.25  $9.99  $135.73  $62.98 Special Offer Codes

Sometimes the company announces discounts for their most popular printed products such as business cards, brochures, flyers, calendars, postcards, etc. These special offers are available to the public when the company decides to help consumers save a significant amount of money on their items. If you have a “couponing mindset” and you’re about to order one of the products mentioned above, please use one of the codes displayed on the top right widget.



We are always striving to find the best services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. is a unique printing service that can handle all your needs but that is up to you to judge until you try and experience it on your own.

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PSPrint Coupon: How to Print Online in High Quality and Pay Less

psprint couponGetting materials printed in large volumes in-house, can be quite costly and time consuming unless you get them printed from an online printing service.

PSPrint is a great choice for your printing needs as they offer more value for less money!

About PsPrint

PsPrint is a trusted and an award winning US based online printing company with over 22 years of industry experience.

The company is committed to offering customized, visually appealing and the highest quality print services to small businesses and graphic designers located in the US at low prices and in fastest turnaround time.

The company has received several accolades for its exceptional printing services including 50 fastest growing private company award from East Bay Business Times, Top 100 fastest growing private companies award from San Francisco Business Times and more.

In this PsPrint review we will highlight features & benefits, discuss pros & cons, do a comparison with top and similar competitors, and then see what customers have to say about the company. Later we’ll walk you through PsPrint’s pricing, coupon offers and support service. So, let’s get started!

Features & Benefits

PsPrint offers a broad range of professional print services. This includes but is not limited to booklets, bookmarks, brochures, DVDs, hang tags, magnets, pocket folders, premium flyers, rack cards, stickers, table tents, vinyl banners, greeting cards, notepads and door hangers. It is a one stop service provider for all your professional printing needs.

Some of the key benefits of ordering from PsPrint are:

– This company offers premium, vibrant full-color and eye catching printing. It uses premium paper and has access to state of the art production facility.

– If project your company as an environmentally responsible then you would enjoy working with PsPrint. PsPrint is an eco-friendly printing service provider that offers clients a choice of recycled paper stocks and soy based inks.

– PsPrint offers speedy delivery of orders around the US and same day delivery facility to the locals.

– It’s a name you can trust! It offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so you know ordering print services from them is absolutely risk free.

– Along with printing services, they also offer graphic design services. The company has a team of skilled graphic designers to provide you with file assistance and meet all your design needs.

– Each product is printed on premium paper stocks including recycled matte, gloss and specialty.

PsPrint’s services are ideal to get bulks of material printed. You can get your business stationery, promotional items and banners printed from this company easily. By getting your business stationery and products customized you can:

– Create brand awareness

– Create a strong brand identity

– Look more professional

– Make a great impression on your customers

Visually appealing printed outdoor banners, brochures and flyers help promote your business, create a buzz and spread the word real fast.

Pros & Cons


– Top printing quality (print on professional paper with high quality ink and printers)

– Daily press calibration for consistent and sharp colors

– Eco-friendly company

– Reduced prices (save up to 60%)

– Offers graphic designing services (cooperate with a designer for quality results on your order)

– Real time order tracking (learn what design stage your order is going through and when it will be delivered )

– Great deals and discounts (save big $ with coupons and promo codes)

– Fast turnaround time (locals can receive orders on the same day)

– Various modes of customer support such as email and telephone

– 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

– Custom sizes and finishing available

– Free samples


– US based company (no orders outside the United States)

– Does not cater to personal printing needs like graduation or baby announcements or wedding cards


When PsPrint is compared with other leading online print service providers, it truly stands out in terms of product quality, print designs and affordability.

Besides offering top quality products they also offer Custom Design Services which allows you to save time and get a professional design at the best price from a professional graphic designer!

PsPrint vs. Top 5 Industry Competitors

VISTAPRINT – Though this is a quality online printing service there are differences between pricing on business cards and other related products. Vistaprint does offer custom designs and other services such as website design, Facebook Page builder, Email Marketing ,etc.

123Print – A popular printing service. It offers web printing services and customized designs to both individuals and companies. They offer great support, fast delivery and 100% satisfaction! They ship only in the US.

PRINTPLACE – Is a reliable and an award winning printing service. It offers quality printing at low prices backed by five guarantees. It also caters to clients with urgent printing needs and their special products are calendars, envelops, labels and stickers!

PRINTINGFORLESS – This is a Montana based company with over 17 years of experience. It offers an extensive range of print services, custom design, 100% satisfaction, great support and a unique system that helps both businesses and individuals to create and print exactly what they want!

OVERNIGHTPRINTS – This company lives up to its name. It delivers ordered printed products within a day. Just like PsPrint it is also eco-friendly. They are based in USA, Austria, Germany, France and Great Britain.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are a great way to learn about customer experiences. We found a list of mixed reviews about the company and the majority were positive.

Customers praised the company on three different factors:

a. Excellent Customer Support
b. Fast Delivery Time
c. High Quality Printing.

Pricing – Coupons

This online printing company not only offers low prices but also amazing discount deals every week. You can save up to 60%. This is a great offer especially if you have bulk printing orders. Just check our official offers at the top right of this page.

Support and Shipping

PsPrint offers quality customer support. You can get in touch with their customer representative via email or telephone. And as for shipping, orders are shipped with the stated time frame. The time frame largely depends on the complexity and the volume of your order.

Final Thoughts

Over all, PSPrint is an exceptional service! It offers quality, customized affordable printing and design services in the fastest turnaround time. Give it a try and let us know your experience!

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123Print Review

123Print Review

123Print ReviewWhether you are an individual getting married or planning an upcoming event or a company looking to promote, advertise and create a strong brand identity of your business, you need printing services to get ‘the word out’.

Printing in-house can be quite costly and time consuming. If you would like to cut your printing expenses and save great deal of your time on your printing project then, I would recommend you to 123Print. Their services deliver what they promise, quality printing at affordable prices.

About 123Print

123Print is a trusted and a reliable online printing company dedicated to providing businesses and individuals the highest quality online printing for personalized business, social and wedding planning communication.

The company offers affordable and customizable first rate designs allowing you to choose your favorite design and customize it to turn your vision into a reality- without breaking the bank. 123Print has a large inventory of full-color and fully customizable online print products.

In this 123Print review we will highlight features & benefits, discuss pros & cons, do a comparison with top similar merchants, and walk you through customer reviews, 123Print pricing and coupons. So, let’s get started!

Features & Benefits

123Print is a one stop shop for all your printing needs, be it personal or professional. This company offers an extensive range of eye-catching and attention grabbing print product line including but not limited to address labels, banners, brochures, postcards, flyers, memo pads, wedding invitations, thank you cards, business cards, car magnets, note cards, pen printing, greeting cards, door hangers, labels, letterheads and loyalty cards. There are over 1000s of free and professional design templates that you can select from and customize.

In addition to the wide range of online printing product range, the key benefits of working with this printing company are:

– You get top quality products every time you order. 123Print prints on professional grade paper. It uses the highest quality ink and the latest printing presses for premium quality prints.

– It has an easy and a simple process. All you have to do log on to their website, find the product of your choice, choose and customize the product design according to your needs and order.

– Orders are delivered in the fastest turnaround time. So, if you need products printed in a couple of days, you know you can count on 123Print.

– If you have your print design in mind, you can send it to them and get it printed with no extra cost. You can easily upload the design on their website for free.

– This online printing company offers excellent customer support. If you have any questions or queries, you can start a live chat with the team any time. The customer support staff is available 24/7 round the clock.

– 123Print offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! In case you are not satisfied with the printing service, the company either replaces it or gives your refunds your money. So, working with them is completely risk free.


You can get your business stationery customized from 123Print. Customized business stationery is a smart way to create brand awareness and also makes your business look more professional.

Through your printed business stationery you can register in the minds of your customers and clients. It makes a solid impression of your company and helps communicate your brand message strongly.

Under this printing service, you can:

– Customize your stationery paper

– Personalize and create unique business cards

– Choose between full color, magnetic, mini, raised ink, vertical and recycled cards and present yourself as a pro with a unique design!

– Print envelopes for business, shipping, stationary or raised ink

– Present awesome letterheads in full color or raised Ink to your envelopes

– Print presentation folders

– Appointment cards


For professional branding, customer engagement and to create a buzz about your latest offerings, avail their marketing product line.

This line includes printing of promotional products, outdoor advertising signs and banners and customer retention loyalty cards and magnets.

Office Supplies

You can get labels, rubber stamps, compliance forms, memo pads, post it notes, other office accessories all printed. This not only helps keep your paperwork and office organized but simultaneously also helps create brand awareness.


123Print also caters to individual printing needs. If you need baby or graduation announcements, greeting cards, holiday cards or invitations printed, you can get them customized printed from 123Print easily.


They also offer wedding Invitations online printing services. You can get wedding stationery and party invitations printed from here.

Pros & Cons


– High printing quality (print on professional paper with high quality ink and printers)

– Reduced prices (save up to 50%)

– Offering designing services (cooperate with a designer for better results on your order)

– Order tracking (know in what stage your order is and when you will have it on your door)

– Deals and discounts (save BIG $ with coupons and promo codes)

– Fast delivery (if orders received by 2pm they will take up to 2 business days to be delivered)

– Live support (contact the customer service with live chat, email or by phone)

– 100% satisfaction (if the order is not as you wanted to be, get a free replacement or your money back)


– Time (you may want to print at the same day so try a local printing service instead)

– Limited or odd sizes (you might not be able to find a specific size on your preferred needs)

– Lack of samples (you may need a small quantity for your first order, so you know this is the correct way you want)

– US based company (no orders outside the United States)


If you look for the best online printing services, 123Print is at the top competing with few other services but what makes 123Print a great choice?

Besides their top quality products they also do offer Custom Design Services so you can save more time and get a professional design at the best price from a pro-designer!

123Print VS Top 5

– VISTAPRINT-A good high quality online printing company – little bit more expensive in some designs, with many printing options, doesn’t provide custom design services but support its products and services in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

– PSPRINT– Great and popular printing service – included in San Francisco Business Times as one of the Top 100 Fastest – Growing Private companies. They do offer high quality work and they are famous for their Eco-Friendly Printing.

– PRINTPLACE – A reliable printing service provider that offers a comprehensive range of printing products to businesses and individuals. However, they don’t extend 24/7 customer support like 123Print

– PRINTINGFORLESS – Founded in 1996, Printing for less is an established Montana based company with over 17 years of experience. It offers quality printing services at lowest possible prices. However, it does not offer offshore support.

– OVERNIGHTPRINTS– It is an eco-friendly printing service that lives by its name. It delivers ordered printed products within a day.

Customer Reviews

Well, we came across a list of mixed reviews about 123Print. Majority of them were positive reviews but there were a couple reviews where customers said 123 Print services could have been better. Three out of four reviews were positive.

One customer wrote that he was very satisfied with 123Print’s fast shipping service. He was amazed that they did deliver the products in the stated time; that’s quite positive because many companies compromise on delivery time.

Other reviews applauded their quality business card designs and affordable prices. Customers were happy with design and printing quality and thought that 123Print offered them more value for less money.

However, one customer stated that even though an issue with his order was resolved by 123Print support, he thought that they need to make their customer services even better.

Pricing – Coupons

123Print offer great pricing packages but we like to introduce their services to you with official monthly offers and coupons that will help you save even more on your order! Just head over the top right of our page and check what’s available at the moment.

We’ll be glad to help and assist you find what you’re looking for by leaving a comment at the end of our review or contact us here.

Support and Shipping

123 Print offers excellent customer support. You can call them via phone or start a live chat any time. Their representatives are available round the clock. Once you place your order you don’t have to wait for endless days for the order to be shipped. Paper printed products up to 2 business days while non paper products can take up to 3 to 5 days.

Final Thoughts

Over all, we would rate this company 10/10. It offers quality, convenience, variety, fast delivery and cost effective customized online printing services which we think is exactly what people with pressed deadlines, tight budget and bulk print material needs require.

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Business Card Coupons August 2014

Business Card Coupons August 2014


1. 123Print Coupons August 2014

Business Cards 10% OFF

Business Cards Double Sided 10% OFF

2. PSPrint Coupons August 2014

Business Cards 50% OFF

3. PrintingForLess Coupons August 2014

500 Business Cards only $49,99

4. PrintPlace Coupons August 2014

Get $15 OFF on Orders Greater than $150

500 Business Cards starting at $17,90

Broaden the Marketing Power of your Business with Online Business Cards and get helpful ideas.

Your business seems to be doing nicely, but you want to widen your scope, increase the number of prospective buyers of your products or services. In which case, there are several marketing methods to hook the attention of potential customers.

Distributing attractive-looking print ads or flyers is quite effective. However, there are those who might opt for other uncomplicated methods. Most business owners prefer the utilization of business cards. Customers will find them appealing because they provide the vital contact information linked to your company or business. Moreover, they will find it simple to remember the company name.

But stop and think first because we’re talking originality here. Your business cards should be unique to you and your business. Make your cards as eye-catching as you can so that the details thereon will be retained in the customers’ memory.

Most of the time, there is no significant difference between the business cards of one organization and another, so make sure yours stand out. The info contained on the card should include the name of your business, the address, contact number, and the email address. If you have plenty of company services, it is a good idea to include some on the card.

You may have all the ideas in your head to make a layout, but do you have the ideal equipment to complete your masterpiece, or do you have the creative ability or the time to design them? Fortunately, there is plenty of top quality help at hand. You can quickly find plenty of printing services available on the web. They can help you create a finished product without you going through the hassles.

There are tips that you should follow in order to acquire the services of a reputable online printing company, and these are described below. You will need these pointers to narrow down your search because there are numerous online printing companies nowadays.

Search for an online printer combining both quality and variety. Your top quality, professionally designed card is more likely to be retained for future reference than poor quality material that is most likely earmarked for the bin. Because of this, obtaining the services of a dependable online printer should be the first step taken, so that you can acquire the best designs available. Take time to browse the Internet, discover the wide range of services available, and determine which of these best meets your needs.

Select the online printers that can meet your demands swiftly because time matters. In relation to this, one should look for an online printing service provider that can maintain your target date. To enable them to prepare your business cards on time, you need to give them the exact date for delivery.

With a business to run, you will not be wanting to be kept waiting. Select online printers that can offer sophisticated designs at lower costs. When investing in business cards, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars simply to receive the very best design possible. There are numerous online printing services available that provide outstanding quality products at low prices.

To reiterate, there are many online printers available in the modern age, but not all of them produce quality results. So it pays to be aware of this and be discerning in your choice of printer. This is where a few moments of your time researching can pay big dividends. If you research well, you will not be disappointed.

Business Card Coupons July 2014



Design awesome Business Cards and print them at very low cost! Normally business cards can be very expensive to design and print if you don’t know where to look for.

We personally seek quality of service, low cost, fast shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we’re presenting business card coupons for July 2014 from these best online printing companies.

Enjoy fine products and save BIG!

123Print Coupons for July 2014 offers exceptional services, high quality printing, premium paper, custom design, fast shipping and low pricing! Use Independence Day Offer for 20% Off sitewide PLUS Free Shipping on $100+ orders!

PSPrint Coupons for July 2014 is another awesome service to order cards for you or your company! Just visit this page and save 60% on your purchase! Use the code AFBC714 to apply your coupon. Make sure you type correctly your mail address so there’s no mistake with your order.

Printing For Less Coupons for July 2014

Get 20% Off at! Visit this link and apply the promo code NC20PB on the left side of your order. This amazing service is based in Montana and they offer premium quality printing! You will be amazed by the results, you just have to try it!

PrintPlace Coupons for July 2014 comes with good recommendations! We searched and found two deals that you will benefit from. Because of 4th of July you get Free UPS Ground Shipping by using the code STARS. You can get also 15% Off on $150+ orders by using the code 15SAVE.

If you want to know what you should include in a business card, check out our short YouTube video 🙂

If you want to find more information, coupons and discount codes please visit 123print / psprint pages.