Where to Buy Business Card Holders


custom made business card holders

Interior design plays an important role on how a customer feels when he enters in a local business. Advertising material also such as posters, brochures or business cards should be placed in a very accessible location, where people can easily find detailed information about the business.

By choosing the right card holder you will definitely match your business cards with the entire display design.

Where can you order cheap business card holders? Many places sell them online. Here’s a list of a few we found that provide many shapes and sizes, plastic, metal, leather or custom made.

Staples Copy & Print

Staples Copy and Print sell metal and engraved business card holders. In this page you will be able to select the style and design. Metal holders pricing starts at $12.99 and engraved at $17.99.


Amazon has a variety of card holders. Plastic card holder prices starts at $1.99. Interior pocket costs $8.67 plus shipping fees. You can also find aluminum cases from $4.19 and leather personalized business card holder for desk at $10.59. Find more details here.


Order cheap business card holders online from Wallmart! Starting at $1.19 you can find many in different shapes and sizes. Our editor’s choice was Kantek Business Card Holder at $5.75.


Vistaprint is the most popular printing service on earth! In their official website you can create custom made business card holders from $4.68. Regular card holder prices start at $8.03.


Ebay.com is another great place with unique metal, plastic or leather card holder designs. Starting at $0.67 with their most popular item you will definitely find something that fits your business needs.

More Products

Now if you prefer something more stylish you can head over to bookstone.com where you can find luxury business card holders. Leather personalized card holders are available on etsy.com.

We hope you will find what you’re looking for in all these online locations. If not, please leave your question in the comment section below. We’ll be glad to assist you in anyway possible!