5 Important Tips Before You Create Online Business Cards



create your own business cards online

Business cards are part of who we are and what we do. They represent many aspects of our business, either it is a profession or a worldwide organization.

Designing and ordering business cards online is simple. You just have to follow a few steps, picking up the design, choosing the right paper and knowing what to write on it. For a good looking business card the design must be simple and should provide a clear message to anyone you hand it over so they will easily remember you.

Of course, there are many ways to achieve that, and the cheapest is to create your own business cards online.

Templates (Color / B&W)

There are thousands of free online business card templates to choose from, B&W or color. Color templates are the most popular but that depends on your brand and the style of your preferences.

If your company has a colored logo, then your card should include the same colors (the same logo). If your profession is piano performer, then you can choose a B&W card that represents a piano which has black and white keys (obviously).

You can also observe other companies’ designs. You would never create a red business card for Starbucks or a blue one for UPS! So, your design should something that is close to the colors of your brand.

Size and Shape

The size of a standard business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. There are many more sizes and shapes you can choose from:

  • Standard
  • Folded
  • Coated/Uncoated
  • Die-Cut
  • Offset
  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Color/B&W
  • One side/Both sides
  • Other

Most companies use the standard size because it’s the cheapest among all. If you want to order a different shape, size or paper thickness, then you will have to pay the extra price. You can find more paper sizes and different shapes here.

Coated / Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper comes without any gloss. This type of paper has a very hard texture you can clearly write on it using a pen. This paper is used for appointment cards and any other type of businesses that require text to be written by hand.

Coated paper is more glossy and stronger than uncoated paper. It is mainly produced for offset printing and is used by the majority of businesses. With coated paper images are printed in better quality and the business card looks more professional. Learn more on this page.

Information (Logo, Address, Website/Social Media, Photo, etc.)

The logo and a short description of your business are the two most important elements in a business card. If you want to print front side only, you’ll need to add all necessary information without overstuffing the card! You always need to keep the right spacing between letters, logo and photo (if any).

Use small fonts for the address, phone, website or social media accounts and larger fonts for the logo and description. You can also print a map at the back to let customers know where you’re located.

If you have many Social Media accounts, add only the one you use the most (i.e. Facebook). You don’t have to present everything in your business card. Make it simple for the one you hand it over; they’ll easily contact you.

Best Business Card Printing Service

Among a few hundred printing services (local or online), we have found that PSPrint.com is a fine service for printing any type of business cards at affordable prices. In our website you can also find PSPrint coupons that gives you up to 50% discount!

Another great service we’ve found really useful with great quality and fast turnaround time is 123Print.com. You can find 123print coupons for business cards in our website too.


Print your business cards online and save money on large orders. If you’re looking to print over 5000 cards, you’ll definitely save a huge amount of money with the use of a promotional code.

Just remember, some online printing services do not provide handle and shipping cost in all their bundles. This can be confusing because you think you can save a significantly great amount of money with their given discount but if shipping cost is double the price from other services who provide it for free, it doesn’t worth ordering from them.

Always check the best discounts that are available online, customer reviews (recent customer experiences) and shipping cost.

Have you ordered business cards recently? Tell us your story in our comment section. Please share this article and let us know if you have any questions regarding ordering business cards online.

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Top 7 Sites with Awesome Free Business Card Templates


Are you intending to do some professional networking? A business card is your greatest bet. However, if your company is not ready to pay for the printing of business cards or you wish to control the appearance of your business card, you will have to print them at your own arrangement.

Lucky for you, there is a wide range of top class sites that produce high quality business cards offering free samples and designing services. Below is a list of Top Seven Online Printing Sites with awesome templates and designs.

  1. 123Print.com

free template business card

One thing you will love about this site is the variety they offer. You choose from a wide variety of personalized cards that come in different shapes, sizes and styles. You can still make a choice from fun business cards, modern business cards to professional business cards. They have limitless designs that range from skinny, chubby or standards cards. Their collection of different paper styles should also delight you. They do not limit you for you can add your own text and make the design unique. Find coupons and special offers in our page for extra savings.

  1. Buildasign.com

free business cards

This is another premium site whose convenient offers are remarkable. From their top standard templates, which can easily be customized, you can easily create a construction card, an animal care card a small business card or even a personal card. Additionally, they use durable material that seconds none when impressing is your priority. Most importantly, they offer free shipping on custom business cards.

  1. PSPrint.com

free business card designs


Apart from the 50% off offer on some of their business cards, this site has some of the best cards you can ever set your eyes on. Their quality is simply undisputable. The first type of cards you can choose from this site is the standard business cards, which are printed on one of the five premium papers. Their ultra business cards are luxurious, thick, have a unique inside core and finally crowned with eye-popping colors. Folded business cards, uncoated, die-cast and offset are other cards on offer. Read our special review for more details.

  1. Printplace.com

free samples business cards


Speed and quality are the top priorities of this company. If you want business cards printed the same day, this is your home. With this company, you can have your cards printed either vertical or horizontal. You can also choose full color printing for just the front or both sides of the card. UV gloss, Gloss Aqueous coating, Dull UV coating are all in their store to beautify your cards. Visit this page for more information.

  1. Printing For Less

business card templates

Of course, the company you choose determines the quality of your business card. This is one company that will not disappoint you. With top standard finishing options like embossing, die cutting, round corners, folded business cards and foil stamping, you are sure of great products.

  1. Designcrowd.com

free business card template

To give you the best quality, this site has revolutionized how they design their cards. The site has on standby over 400, 000 designers across the world. All you have to do is post a brief of what you need. In a few minutes, 100+ designers will be working on your item. Next, you just download the best and you go home on happy feet.

  1. Staples Copy and Print

business card free sample

This is another company whose offers on business cards are nothing less than premium. From ultra-thick to folded cards, there offers are amazing. Depending on the type of design, you can choose to pick the cards on the same day or have them delivered to you. Read Staples Copy & Print review here.

They say “image is everything“. Your business is more than just a card; it represents your business in some way. With that, the importance of how your business looks like cannot be overstated. The sites above should give some of the best offers on the market to design and print your next amazing business card!


Offset Versus Digital Printing Analysis: What Method to Choose and Why?

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is a method where images are first put on a plate which is usually made out of aluminum. After this, the plates are moistened with water, which sticks to the image surface, and then with ink, which sticks to the non-image surface. Then, the image is put onto a rubber blanket and from there it is transferred on paper. Because the image does not go directly onto paper this method is called ”offset”.


It all started with lithography, which was used to make cheap artwork, and was limited to use on a flat and absorbent surface. In 1875, Robert Barclay invented the first turning offset lithographic printing press, which used a metal cylinder. This cylinder was coated with cardboard, which took the image from a stone and put it onto metal. Few years after, the cylinder was changed from metal to rubber and this is still in use today.

How does it work?

offset printing method

There are few steps of how offset printing works. First is the pre-press production stage where images are transferred onto plates, similar to how photographs are developed. A certain amount of light is then put through the film negatives and when plates are exposed to light, the coating which is responsive to ink is activated. As a result of this the image is transferred onto the plate. Second stage is the press run stage where paper goes continuously through a press and this is done at high speeds and with large sheets of paper. Ink is dispersed onto the plate with the help of rollers and plates are first dampened with water and then ink.

Next is the offset process, where water sticks to the image area and ink sticks to the non-image area. Plates then transfer the image onto a rubber blanket, which transfers the image onto paper. Since the paper is wet and there is a chance of smudging the paper is put through an oven to avoid this. After this the paper goes through chill rollers which cools down the paper. Last step is called bindery where the rolls of paper are cut to the correct size and then put together in the right order. After this pages are bound together, whether it be by using a staple or glue.

Digital printing differences

Digital printing is different from offset printing in several aspects. Firstly, it does not use plates, but instead it uses toners or liquid ink. Secondly, this method is more appropriate when you need only few items printed and not large quantities. Lastly, digital printing offers you the option of printing codes, addresses or names on the product whereas that is not possible with offset printing.

Methods of offset printing

There are several methods of offset printing. Firstly, there is a method where paper goes through two blanket cylinders and not rubber and this way the paper is printed on both sides, which means printing takes less time. Second method is the one where the plate and cylinder pressure are very precise and those are one-color presses. Thirdly, the process uses cassettes, inserts or printing units, which are removable, in order to print on one side and it uses the first method to print on both sides. Last method removes residual ink and uses new and fresh ink for each revolution.

Digital printing advantages

There are few advantages of digital printing. It is best to use when there is a need for printing smaller quantities and you can print whatever you want when you want it. It offers cheap black and white printing and it has an option to use addresses, codes or names. Lastly, every print is the same since there is no need to balance water and ink during printing, which also means there is less waste.

Which products are printed better with offset printing and which ones with digital printing?

You should choose offset printing when you want the finished product to look clean and professional and when you need larger quantities printed, for example newspapers. With offset printing there is also a variety of different papers you can choose from. On the other hand, digital printing is better when printing smaller quantities, for example postcards and business cards. This method is also cheaper than offset printing, therefore, it is better for people with a smaller budget.


It is hard to say whether offset printing is better than digital printing and vice versa. It all comes down to the needs and desires of the customer and what works for them and no matter which method you choose the final product will still look great.

Image credit: Danny Ivan, Walter Plus, Print Pinball, Andrew K, Edinburgh City of Print, Lucas

Where to Print Business Cards Online

where-to-print-business-cards-onlineIf you want to make a good first impression about you or your business to someone you just met, hand him over a well designed business card.

The key to marketing successfully your business depends on the quality of everything that represents your brand name, from the suite you’re wearing, the shoes, the tie, the attitude and among all your business card!

Now, how would you know where to design and print business cards online? What template should you choose among the thousands that are provided on the web? What logo characterizes best your business name? Are you an expert making all these choices or would you rely to a professional printing service to help you upgrade the visual level of your business?

We suggest the following online printing services for creating a unique business card design that suits your company’s name and can increase your brand recognition!





The following video is a small guide showing how to order business cards online. Some printing services provide Free shipping. We would suggest, if it is your first time you’re ordering online, create an account, order just a few cards (will cost you less than $30 or $50) and if you’re satisfied with the result, then order more.

Remember to place an order only when you’re sure that you didn’t do any mistake and the final product will be 100% similar with what you initially designed!


How a Business Card Should Look Like

How a Business Card Should Look LikeIf you were just about to introduce yourself or your business to someone you just met, would you make a good first impression? What’s your business card look like? Would it make that much of an impact?

In many cases, if your card doesn’t look that much professional, you won’t have many chances to create credibility or strong business engagement!

But what does an ideal business card look like?

An effective business card should have a great design, not necessarily stuffed with too much of information, a good color combination (or just black and white), it must represent of what you do in a very few words / catchy line (slogan) and it should be printed in a high quality printer (not a home office one!).

Great places to print business cards are online print shops like vistaprint.com, psprint.com or 123print.com. They offer high quality printing, design services, premium paper selection and fast shipping!

If you’re interested in seeing samples, get discount coupons and maximize your savings, visit this page to find more information!

Online vs Home vs Local Printing Cost Difference

Online-Printing-Cost-DifferencesAre you looking for announcement cards to promote an upcoming event or wedding invitations to invite your guests on your special day?

Whether you want brochures, business cards and postcards printed to create buzz about your products and services, getting prints of any kind in bulk in a limited budget can be quite difficult and costly.

In such a situation, we advise you to carefully estimate the cost from different sources like local print-shops, home printing and online printing services, typically because of the cost difference.

You may think using a home printer would be a great option for wedding cards or announcement flyers in bulk sparing you from paying a local print-shop for the service but what you don’t you know is that it may cost you twice as more than letting a professional handle it!

Printing a couple of flyers at home is a good idea but printing a stack of 500 flyers, isn’t the same. You will be paying for the paper, colored ink cartridges and also investing a great deal of time in the whole process.

So, which is the most cost effective print source for your personal or business needs? Can you understand the cost difference between a local shop, an online printing service or home printing?

Generally speaking, in terms of both time and money an online professional printing company is your best bet. With a reliable web printing company, you can enjoy top quality and professional bulk order printing services at very low prices. Unlike traditional local print-shops, online printing services offer a variety of packages & deals at slashing prices and discount rates.

Some online companies also offer coupons (check this page out) allowing clients to take advantage of their services at affordable rates. The convenience of order placement is another plus point and at the end you save both time and money.

For a better understanding let’s take a look at the cost difference when all options are compared:


Business Cards- 2 Sided, Colored & Matte Finishing

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $22 $40 $35
1000 $30 $150 $57
10,000 $150 $540 $360


Brochures- 2 Sided & Colored

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $76 $75 $65
1000 $182 $650 $500
10,000 $620 $2700 $1400


Post Cards- 2 Sided and Colored

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $40 $65 $55
1000 $125 $290 $195
10,000 $380 $1120 $530

From the tables given above, you can easily see the cost difference and estimate how much you are likely to save with an online printing service instead of getting materials printed from a local shop or at home.

Save Big with the HP Instant Ink Replacement Service

hp instant ink serviceMost of us know that printing is a little bit expensive, especially when it comes to print high quality images, color documents or presentations, cards, envelops and other important business documents.

Hewlett Packard invented a new way of printing and it’s called HP Instant Ink Replacement Service!

You can save up to 50% on Hewlett Packard Ink by just following five simple steps! Here’s how:

Step 1

Shop an eligible Hewlett Packard printer for the Instant Ink Service depending on your printing needs.

Step 2

Choose between three different plans (monthly or yearly) depending on how many pages you think you’ll print.

Step 3

Get your brand new Original Ink Cartridges by mail (Larger quantity cartridges than standard H P cartridges).

Step 4

Pay after the first ink installation.

Step 5

The service will be notified by your printer automatically and new cartridges will be sent to you right away!

What Printers are Available?

Hewlett Packard is famous for its high quality printers! Here are some we’d recommend:

– HP Envy 4500 (for students, home standard use)

– HP Envy 5530 (for home office)

– HP OfficeJet 4630 (for small businesses)

Where Can I Buy an Eligible HP Printer or HP Instant Ink Plan?

You can order any Hewlett Packard printer or Instant Ink Cartridge online, or from BestBuy and OfficeMax.

What is the Cost?

– For 50 pages / month the service cost $2.99

or  600 pages / year costs only $36 (Plain Hewlet Packard cartridges would cost $120 per year, that’s $84 OFF)

– Moderate Printing Plan, Save up to $180 / year

– Frequent Printing Plan, Save up to $600 / year

What else should I know?

– There are no annual fees

– Cancel or change your plan anytime

– You can recycle the old cartridges

– The cost is the same if you print images, color or black and white text and images.

– The billing cycle is 30 days

– Your printer will need an Internet Connection

– A credit card will be needed for the payments

For more information or new orders visit the official website. It’s great when you can save big!