Staples Copy and Print Coupon, Review

Stationary such as printing and copying machines are vital in the proper running of business offices, learning institutions and even homes where hard copy files and documents are required.

Staples Copy and Print is a reliable online printing service in the market making printing as easy as it can be. They have a lot of offers and promotions for their products and you can find many promotional and coupon codes in our website.

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What Can You Print

Their products range from copying documents, presentations, booklets, business forms and other prints to printing business cards, brochures, invitations, banners, posters, stationary, envelopes and many other promotional products.

business card

Basically anything you require in your office, they can make. Almost all of their products are available online. The good thing about buying their products online is the fact that you get to enjoy promotions and offers. One such offer is the 20% Off coupon offer on promotional products.

This allows you to purchase their products at special discounts. To use the coupon, click the code that is available on our website. This applies to the Staples Copy and Print promo codes as well which give one access to different limited offers.

About the Company and Their Services

Staples Copy and Print is an online department of Staples, a well known company all over the United States. It offers extra copy and print services for online users. These services are time saver for those who do not wish to visit the local store.

They have delivery offers for people who make their purchases online. Their mission is to provide quality services and products for individuals and institutions everywhere at friendly prices.

Their printing services also include 3D printing which makes images and writing seem to come to life. This can be done on clothes, shoes, paper, canvas and office stationary.

Copies and Documents

Some of the most popular products are their document printing and copying services. They are well equipped to handle documents of any shape and size producing highest quality work.

documents and copies samples

Their services range from single page documents to copying and printing of books and manuals. Other work involving documents includes lamination and binding. All these services have redeemable Staple Copy and Print discounts for great savings.

Signs, Posters and Banners

If you are campaigning for a public office seat or you are hosting a big party, then you should consider enlisting signs, posters and banners services.

signs banners posters

The company has printers that create very high quality posters and banners ensuring that every detail is brought out perfectly. They also have printers for signs that can be printed on different materials like paper, metal, wood and plastic.

Stationary and Envelopes

This awesome online printing brand has a large variety of office stationary under their belt. These include staplers, pens, notebooks, printing papers, sticky notes and paper files just to name a few. A great thing about their products is that most of them are customizable.

stationary envelopes

Examples of customizable products include stamps, product labels and envelopes. The most common way of customizing is by having the company or business’ logo or letterhead imprinted on the stationary.

Personalized Gifts

Personalizing gifts is another exciting product. You can choose one of their basic gifts including bags, totes, mugs, pillows, t-shirts, jewelry and water bottles.

personalized gifts

Personalizing is done by printing a unique message or image or piece of art on the basic gift. They also allow you to bring a gift from elsewhere to be customized.

One of the most unique of these personalized gifts is the canvas print product. This is created by printing a picture of your choosing on a canvas stretched over a wooden frame. A message can be included on the canvas.


Calendar designing and printing services are available at great pricing levels. Their calendar designs include poster calendars, prism desk calendars and fridge magnet calendars.


They also offer services for mass printing for companies that require a large number of calendars for their own advertisement and promotional purposes. Their calendars are high quality print and are customizable.

Invitations and Announcements

This is a service popular among party planners. The team at Staples produce high quality work making your invitation cards and print announcements effective.


Coupons are available online for these products to be purchased at discounted prices. The Staples Copy and Print coupon codes are available on their website for both online and offline shoppers.

Deals, Offers and Sales

Are you one of those people who are not easily swayed in the absence of a good deal or offer? Then Staples Copy and Print are the brand for you. They are out to please their customers in every way with several tantalizing offers and promotions aimed at attracting and maintaining customers. Below are five of their most popular offers and deals.

  • Same Day Products – This is a great deal offered to customers who purchase their products online. It promises them a delivery of products bought from the website on the same day of purchase. This is made possible by the wide network of retail shops and warehouses belonging to Staples allowing close service to more people.
  • Promotional Offers – The company has different promotions to attract and keep customers and promote new and old products alike. Promos are seasonal and come in different forms. All promotions can be used in the online shop for most products.
  • Free shipping and delivery – This offer is usually extended to customers who make their purchases online. The offer is extended to most large products like furniture and printers and there are no take backs allowed. You are given an expected date and time of arrival of your product, in the event that the delivery is not made on time, the customer can contact the customer care center for more information.
  • Warranty and Guarantees – Warranty depends on the nature of the product bought. They range from six months to two years. There is a guarantee of quality in their products and should there be a serious problem with your product that is not your fault, then they offer replacement and money-back deals.

Staples Copy and Print also have numerous seasonal deals present over major holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Independence day holidays. Over these seasons they offer many discount sales, promotional offers and unique product designs.

Their coupons and promo cards are also redeemable during season as long as you have your Staples Copy and Print coupon code and promo codes respectively.

Are Staples Copy and Print products worth it?

In my opinion, Staples Copy and Print products are a worthy investment. They offer variety, quality and new unique ideas. They are also keen on customer welfare treat their clients very well. My personal favorite service is the personalized gifts service. I think it is a great idea- it definitely takes away the stress of finding gifts for those friends of mine who seem to already have everything I think of buying them. In a nutshell, Stapes Copy and Print are worth every dime.