We were planning and organizing a new business for months. My brother and I had to write down everything in detail in order to amaze new customers and create a brand name that would be unique and lovable from day one!

A friend of mine told me he could help me design and promote our brand with high quality brochures, business cards, flyers, etc. He told me was a fine and cheap online printing service that could handle the printing process.

After working a few days with him designing the templates, we ordered the brochures and the business cards from PrintPlace. The results were pretty amazing!

In this Printplace review we present how the Brochures and Business Cards look, what the service offers, comparison with other related products /services, pricing and official coupon codes.


 print place brochure samples  printplace brochure sample
 printplace brochure samples  printplace brochures samples

 Business Cards

 printplace business card samples  print place business cards
 printplace business cards  printplace business card sample

Why and not Someone else?

I am sure, when you do business with someone for a long period of time, you don’t want to lose this great collaboration and I believe that “whatever works, don’t fix it”! Meaning? is a unique printing service with great customer service. When you seek knowledge and understanding on how things work in a printing company you may have a lot of questions. Their customer service is pretty amazing and they can explain every question you have in detail PLUS you save money with a Print Place Coupon!

What you get:

  1. Outstanding quality
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Free Printing knowledge
  4. Create a FREE Account

How is it Printed?

We found a few videos for you to see how this great online company works. You can also check their blog for news, ideas, new printing and graphic design inspiration.

Brochure Printing in Action

Booklet Printing in Action

Business Card Printing in Action

Many people need facts to engage and connect with a product or service. They need to know what they’re buying is exactly what they’re looking for. is a legitimate service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

More Options

If you need to know what else is out there in the marketplace, what’s cheaper or more expensive here’s what we found out on April 2015:

All prices are discounted and they can change without notice at anytime. All product prices may differ because of the printing options available from each printing service.

 Business Cards (500) Flyers (500)  Postcards (500)  $17.50  $122.47  $71.31  $24.65  $100.00  $72.76  $41.08  $141.12  $79.25  $9.99  $135.73  $62.98 Special Offer Codes

Sometimes the company announces discounts for their most popular printed products such as business cards, brochures, flyers, calendars, postcards, etc. These special offers are available to the public when the company decides to help consumers save a significant amount of money on their items. If you have a “couponing mindset” and you’re about to order one of the products mentioned above, please use one of the codes displayed on the top right widget.



We are always striving to find the best services that guarantee 100% satisfaction. is a unique printing service that can handle all your needs but that is up to you to judge until you try and experience it on your own.

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