Save Big with the HP Instant Ink Replacement Service

hp instant ink serviceMost of us know that printing is a little bit expensive, especially when it comes to print high quality images, color documents or presentations, cards, envelops and other important business documents.

Hewlett Packard invented a new way of printing and it’s called HP Instant Ink Replacement Service!

You can save up to 50% on Hewlett Packard Ink by just following five simple steps! Here’s how:

Step 1

Shop an eligible Hewlett Packard printer for the Instant Ink Service depending on your printing needs.

Step 2

Choose between three different plans (monthly or yearly) depending on how many pages you think you’ll print.

Step 3

Get your brand new Original Ink Cartridges by mail (Larger quantity cartridges than standard H P cartridges).

Step 4

Pay after the first ink installation.

Step 5

The service will be notified by your printer automatically and new cartridges will be sent to you right away!

What Printers are Available?

Hewlett Packard is famous for its high quality printers! Here are some we’d recommend:

– HP Envy 4500 (for students, home standard use)

– HP Envy 5530 (for home office)

– HP OfficeJet 4630 (for small businesses)

Where Can I Buy an Eligible HP Printer or HP Instant Ink Plan?

You can order any Hewlett Packard printer or Instant Ink Cartridge online, or from BestBuy and OfficeMax.

What is the Cost?

– For 50 pages / month the service cost $2.99

or  600 pages / year costs only $36 (Plain Hewlet Packard cartridges would cost $120 per year, that’s $84 OFF)

– Moderate Printing Plan, Save up to $180 / year

– Frequent Printing Plan, Save up to $600 / year

What else should I know?

– There are no annual fees

– Cancel or change your plan anytime

– You can recycle the old cartridges

– The cost is the same if you print images, color or black and white text and images.

– The billing cycle is 30 days

– Your printer will need an Internet Connection

– A credit card will be needed for the payments

For more information or new orders visit the official website. It’s great when you can save big!