Online vs Home vs Local Printing Cost Difference

Online-Printing-Cost-DifferencesAre you looking for announcement cards to promote an upcoming event or wedding invitations to invite your guests on your special day?

Whether you want brochures, business cards and postcards printed to create buzz about your products and services, getting prints of any kind in bulk in a limited budget can be quite difficult and costly.

In such a situation, we advise you to carefully estimate the cost from different sources like local print-shops, home printing and online printing services, typically because of the cost difference.

You may think using a home printer would be a great option for wedding cards or announcement flyers in bulk sparing you from paying a local print-shop for the service but what you don’t you know is that it may cost you twice as more than letting a professional handle it!

Printing a couple of flyers at home is a good idea but printing a stack of 500 flyers, isn’t the same. You will be paying for the paper, colored ink cartridges and also investing a great deal of time in the whole process.

So, which is the most cost effective print source for your personal or business needs? Can you understand the cost difference between a local shop, an online printing service or home printing?

Generally speaking, in terms of both time and money an online professional printing company is your best bet. With a reliable web printing company, you can enjoy top quality and professional bulk order printing services at very low prices. Unlike traditional local print-shops, online printing services offer a variety of packages & deals at slashing prices and discount rates.

Some online companies also offer coupons (check this page out) allowing clients to take advantage of their services at affordable rates. The convenience of order placement is another plus point and at the end you save both time and money.

For a better understanding let’s take a look at the cost difference when all options are compared:


Business Cards- 2 Sided, Colored & Matte Finishing

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $22 $40 $35
1000 $30 $150 $57
10,000 $150 $540 $360


Brochures- 2 Sided & Colored

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $76 $75 $65
1000 $182 $650 $500
10,000 $620 $2700 $1400


Post Cards- 2 Sided and Colored

Print Quantity Online Shop Home Print Local Shop
100 $40 $65 $55
1000 $125 $290 $195
10,000 $380 $1120 $530

From the tables given above, you can easily see the cost difference and estimate how much you are likely to save with an online printing service instead of getting materials printed from a local shop or at home.